I can't believe how much better I can hear since I got my hearing aids! It was very easy to schedule an appointment with Kathy and Dr. Kirbow. They worked very well getting me in quickly. Dr. Kirbow explained everything and answered any questions I had. I was very surprised how well hearing aids work. I love them and wear them all the time.
Eva Twombly, on Google
From the day that I got my new hearing aids, Lynn has been there to tweak them for better sound until he got them to just where I wanted them to be. The hearing test that he gave me was very comprehensive. He even tested me when I was wearing the hearing aids, something that NO audiologist had ever done. By the way Lynn, don't forget to Email me those test results so that I can give them to the VA for inclusion with my military medical records. Thanks for being there.
Stephen Sladaritz, on Google
This is a wonderful place to go. Lynn Kirbow will really take care of your hearing needs.
Sharon Kirbow, on Google
The folks in the office were very helpful. Just moved here so it was nice to be able to continue with New Sound.
Mary Lou Knutson, on Google
Thank you and well done to Lynn Kirbow and the Staff at the New Sound hearing Center here in San Angelo. They have provided the best service and have adjusted my hearing aides to where I can hear better than I have in many yrs . After 25+ yrs of wearing hearing aides and not being able to understand and hear people now I dont have to have the TV volume maxed out and I can now talk with others, thanks Lynn
Steve Whitten, on Google

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